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About Wingers 7th & 8th Circles, Amman

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Type Casual Restaurant
Cuisine American, Burgers
Features: Delivery Available, Outdoor Area
Timings: 11:00am - Midnight

Location in 7th & 8th Circles

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Harry Potter

Food: Great
Service: Great
Prices: Average - Good
Delivery Time: Horrible


When i'm looking to get stuffed... this is the place!
My usual order:
Honey BBQ wings: great taste... but lately the wings seem to be shrinking in size! Love the ranch dressing.
Corn Nuggets: yummy... and don't know of any other place in town that serves them. The cocktail sauce with it is good too.
Onion Rings: not bad.
Western Burger: really hits the spot when you're starving.
Chicken sandwich - cant remember the name (like the beef philly but chicken): a favourite, filling, tasty and juicy... but way too much onions.
I like to order the curly fries cause usually they're crisper than the french fries.
Friendly service, and reasonable prices (compared to the crazy prices for some of the burger joints around town).


I met the owner at an event and he invited me to try their food, so I took my friends and went there one of them lives in KSA and another works in Abu Dhabi.. they loved the wings and burgers and my friend asked him "can you consider opening a branch in Abu Dhabi?" bcoz he was very delighted with the food. I personally think the wings are really good & the burgers are not superb, on the other hand the quality of food is no doubt better than most of the fast food chains out there and its clean. the burgers flavor is not the best out there. but still I order the chicken grilled burger when i go there, they most likely use mayo-chup so if they come out with some secret sauce for the burgers it will make the difference. the owner is very friendly and I would still go there just coz he earned me as customer and a friend


all i can say is ... used to be much better .... couldn't eat our wings last time ... blood was ooozing from them ... under cooked and a yukkie experience

computer whizZ

I went to Wingers for dinner, I had steak Sandwich, it was yummy and very rich lovely place and friendly staff.
thumbs up Wingers :)


Another Fast late lunch after work at Wingers

Good as usual, I ordered the new rocca Burger its good but i do recommend to grill the rocca or adding a sauce to it

The wingers with honey mustered out of this world !
ok see ya guys next time :P

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