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MealAdvisors.com Terms of Use Agreement


This Agreement is set forth between MealAdvisors.com and the user or visitor and/or any third party visiting subscribing and/or has any relation that permits him/her/it to enter the MealAdvisors.com Website. This agreement will refer to the above mentioned person/persons whether an entity or a normal person as the "User."


The User is expected to read this agreement in full and by entering the website in any form whether mentioned or not mentioned herein, the User accepts and is bound by all the terms of use mentioned hereunder:


1   Account Registration and information:

The registration page at MealAdvisors.com contains certain obligatory data that needs to be filled by any person wishing to be a user of the MealAdvisors.com Network. Information of any individual User such as name and email address will not be shared by the system or the administrators of MealAdvisors.com with any other member or third party; this certain information is mainly necessary for redeeming giveaways and shop items. For more information on how this information is dealt with, please read our “Privacy Policy.”

The User hereby, understands and agrees that all information submitted upon registration is personal, true, factual, accurate and appropriate. If such information is found later to be otherwise, MealAdvisors.com administrators reserve the right to block the user from all or some of the service.

The User also agrees not to use the registered account of any other user and take all precautionary measures to protect his/her account at Meal Advisors.com. Should any User loose control over his/her account at Meal Advisors.com, the User should report immediately to the administrators to delete any unwanted posts and to immediately run a password reset. The User shall be held liable for all posts, comments, articles misuse of the account in all cases.


2   Scope of Service:

Meal Advisors.com presents for the Users services of a certain nature which include the following without limitation and/or expansion of services unless mentioned otherwise in any amendment later declared by MealAdvisors.com:

--Articles and News,

--Events Announcements,

--Accounts specially made for users with an interface designed and owned by MealAdvisors.com,

Meal Advisors.com may also display certain advertisements, banners, links and articles to one or more individuals, such service will be decided through separate agreements by Meal Advisors.com and any third party.


3   MealAdvisors.com Guidelines:

To maintain the content of the website free of offensive and non useful material, the administrators of MealAdvisors.com filter posts of all types through the "MealAdvisors.com Guidelines".

Users hereunder this agreement accept without objections that MealAdvisors.com has total power and right not to accept any post, comment, or article that does not adhere to the MealAdvisors.com Guidelines. The MealAdvisors.com Guidelines are considered part of this agreement.


4   Posts:

All forms and shapes of Posts such as advice, comments, articles, stories, pictures, and uploads are all referred to in this agreement as "Post/s.”

MealAdvisors.com, its owners, partners, share holders, affiliates and/or unless Meal Advisors.com administrators sees otherwise, are not responsible for the Posts of the Users, in part or in full, Users acknowledge that they are totally liable for their Posts, they own the comment space of their account, if a Post is considered harmful for any third party and other users, MealAdvisors.com shall be not held liable for damages and will hold no responsibility of the Posts. MealAdvisors.com will have the right to delete a Post for whatsoever reason.

The User/s agree/s that all Post/s on MealAdvisors.com website are considered non-confidential, MealAdvisors.com has the right to use such Post/s for the research of any third party. Users accept and agree this term irrevocably without any time and/or content limitations. Users grant MealAdvisors.com an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, nonexclusive license to use, copy, license, reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit, display, perform, adapt, resell, publish, and otherwise exploit such Content (including in digital form).

Users agree to waive and release MealAdvisors.com, its owners, partners, share holders, affiliates, workers, designers, and other users, from all claims, legal actions, and caveats contesting Intellectual property and/or proprietary rights of a Post/s, Meal Advisors.com is not a publishing house and will not be held liable for such illegal actions by Users.


5   Commercial use of Meal Advisors.com website.

MealAdvisors.com has the right to display in any form third party banners, logos, links, events, newsletters and/or discussions collectively referred to as "Ads" through a commercial legal engagement.

Users agree and acknowledge that MealAdvisors.com its owners, partners, share holders, affiliates, workers and designers are not responsible directly and in-directly of the content of the "Ads" , Moreover its owners , partners, share holders, affiliates, workers and designers do not guarantee the truthfulness of the displayed Links in particular and the "Ads" in general , all "Ads" displayed on the Meal Advisors.com website are the sole responsibility of the name displayed.


6   Spamming and/or Contacting Members

MealAdvisors.com has certain means for users to contact member business owners. These means are not meant for commercial utilization of users to offer any products or services to member business owners without the consent of the owners of MealAdvisors.com. Any user practicing commercial use of his/her account will be blocked. If you wish that we facilitate proper communication with our business owner members, kindly contact us.



7   Changes and Additions.

No changes could be made to this agreement by any User/s. User/s agree/s and accept that MealAdvisors.com has the right to change, amend and add term/s to this agreement without prior consent of the User/s, from time to time and at any time and as MealAdvisors.com sees fit.


8   Waiver

User/s agree/s ,acknowledge/s and accept/s in all cases to hold free of liability  MealAdvisors.com, its owners, partners, share holders, affiliates, workers and designers form any direct or indirect, accidental or special use or inability of use  of the MealAdvisors.com and "Ads".

User/s at their own expense, guarantee to indemnify, defend and hold MealAdvisors.com and its affiliates, shareholders, officers, directors, agents, licensors, partners, workers, designers and representatives harmless from and against any claim or demand, including any losses, costs, damages, liability, and/or expense made by a third party arising out of or relating to User/s violation of rights of others, fraud or manipulation, or other breach of this Agreement. MealAdvisors.com will not be held liable for any delay or failure of the services it provides hereunder this agreement.


9   Intellectual Property of Meal Advisors.com.

User/s agree/s, understand/s, acknowledge/s and guarantee/s the full ownership of Meal Advisors.com Logo/s, concept/s, web design, web concept, collective and separate source code of the web, slogans, event creation, surveys, online and offline research, online application/s web based and mobile phones, already present on the web or later introduced.


10   Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

In cases of breach of contract by User/s, user/s release MealAdvisors.com from the obligation of sending a notary public notice to the user, User/s are obliged before taking any legal action against Meal Advisors.com and/or its affiliates, shareholders, officers, directors, agents, licensors, partners, workers, designers and/or representatives to send a notary public notice prior filing the action, whether at court or at any competent authority. All Disputes arising because of this agreement will be construed through the Jordanian Law.

The Jordanian Courts – court of Amman- House of Justice, has the sole jurisdiction in resolving any dispute hereof. Without prejudice of the content in article (9) of this agreement, in case declared by MealAdvisors.com owners as amendments for users outside the jurisdiction of Jordan, conflicts will be resolved in the courts assigned by MealAdvisors.com from time to time as MealAdvisors.com sees fit.


11   Authorization.

User/s declare/s and guarantee/s full authority in getting into this agreement and bounds to abide by all its terms, guide lines and privacy policy. All notices are to be made reference to the registration page data which will be read along with, apart of this agreement.


12   Entire agreement.

Without prejudice to articles 6 and 9 above mentioned, this Agreement,  together with Meal Advisors.com Privacy Policy , Guide Lines and registration data page,  constitute the complete and exclusive understanding and agreement of the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior understandings, proposals, agreements, negotiations, and/or discussions between the parties, whether written or verbal.


By Submitting the Form and accept button User/s declare the full acceptance of all Terms of use hereunder mentioned.


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