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What is the difference between a review and an advice?

A review is a critical evaluation of a subject; it could be positive or negative. An advice is an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, usually written with a positive tone. Since the objective of this website is to encourage and guide business owners to take action, then the guidelines are set to direct the posts into advice rather than reviews.


Why would you reject advices?

We do reject advices if they do not adhere to the guidelines. This website is not the typical review site; it is an online community between consumers and providers. We encourage the positive interaction between both sides in a way that will ultimately benefit both parties. We therefore have set the guidelines to take this website in the desired direction.


Why is it important to register with the correct email address?

The most important main use of the email address is with the “Forgot Password” function. The system will send an email only to the email you are using to log in. If your email is not correct, there is no way to re-enter your account again if you forget your password, and you will have to create another account. If you already registered with fake email address, please go to your profile area and change it.


Does my email show to other members? What is the use for it?

No, emails can only be viewed by our administrators who will never share it with anybody. The email is used by the system to log you in or to send you a temporary password in case you forgot your password.


Can I edit or delete a post that is already published?

Published posts cannot be edited or deleted. There are many reason we chose not to allow this feature.

You can, however, submit a new post and share with members your change of mind. Our administrators can receive requests to delete a published post only if the request has a sufficient convincing reason and its deletion does not affect the flow of the discussions. The administrators reserve the right not to accept the request without explaining why.


Can I change my Screen Name?

Screen names cannot be changed at this time. This feature may be allowed in the near future.


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