Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This is a privacy policy set to all users of to clarify and treat all sorts of information submitted on the website for the sole protection of the users.


It is set and decided between Us ( and You (Users) that all the information will be dealt with according to the term of this privacy policy again to your own protection and liability. Please note that this Privacy policy is read along with the Terms of Use, and that it is an integral part of it.


We classify the information submitted to you on our website as the following:


Section A


1 Profile Information:


The information you submit on the registration page as well as in your profile will be for our own use only. We will not distribute, use, modify, lease or even sell this information. Some of this information such as your screen name, profile picture, year of birth, and gender will be public for all other users to see. Other information such as your email, real name, password are private and will not be seen by any other member. The information such as your relation to a place (in the case you are a meal provider) will be displayed to other members and you have the option to request removal.


2  Interactive Data.


This category your posts, votes, polls, and articles on the website, such data is totally owned by you, and we will not be responsible for the content the moment it passes through the guide lines of, this information will be only used for surveys and vote collection and/or to develop the opinion collectively to serve the purpose of the website. We will, however, use the collective voices and opinions of your posts and opinions to produce useful publications and reports to serve both sides of the dish.  


3  Automatically saved Data.


This information will be saved automatically by the website to help improve the service we provide you and other users to the limit acceptable by law. You will give us the right to use such information according to the limited barriers set by us in this clause by simply signing in ,it will help us to count the hit visits to our website by users including your visits.


The above guarantees will not be met in the cases of the request of a court, police, governmental authorized personnel and any other competent authority, and in cases a merger occurs with Meal

This Privacy Policy is a part of the Meal Terms of Use and is read as whole.

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