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Type Elegant Restaurant
Cuisine Chinese, Mongolian, Sushi
Features: Outdoor Area
Timings: Daily open from 12:00 pm to. 12:00 am

Location in Abdoun & Deir Ghbar - Taj Mall

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Dim Sum
Dim Sum

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Wai Fong

I used to dine in PF Chang in Taj Mall for Chinese food but we discovered this new restaurant called Oishi in the nearby area. We tried the Mongolian Grill which the chef cooked our food after we chose our own combinations. I love squid and beef and a lot of vegetables. The chef grill my food with my own choice of sauce, Amazing!

All of us chose the Complete Satisfaction from the Mongolian menu which we can choose one dim sum served in a bamboo basket and one soup to start then the main course with Mongolian grill, so delicious and healthy! No oil! After that still a dessert to my satisfaction! The service is very attentive and with the decor, I really feel like I am in Asia having a wonderful meal.

After lunch I wanted to take away their Fusion sushi home for dinner as I saw other table having some very attractive sushi. however, their manager told me they can send delivery to my home when I feel like to eat so as to get them very fresh!

Wonderful place and definitely I will be back soon!

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