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Type Elegant Restaurant
Cuisine Asian, International, Seafood, Steaks
Features: Delivery Available, Outdoor Area
Timings: 1:00pm - 1:00am (All Week)

Location in 1st Circle & Rainbow St.

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My friends and I, group of 16 people, went last night to Canteloup Gastro Pub, one of the most reputable restaurants in Amman, to celebrate our friend’s birthday. We are considered regular customers there, this place is known for its great atmosphere and delicious food. However, yesterday we have encountered a massive disappointment, and this can be referred to the following incidents:

1- We have not received our placed orders, and even the ones that were delivered were not fully correct. We translated our concern to the waiter, where he has replied in a very rude way “ This is what you ordered, I don’t add things on my own “ .

2- The sequence of food was not orderly placed, some of the main courses we ordered were delivered before appetizers.

3- The same waiter has accidentally spilled water all over the table, and did not have the courtesy to clean up the mess, till the minute we left !!!

4- We were celebrating our friend’s birthday at the venue, when we asked for the cake to be cut by the waiter, he said the kitchen is closed and there is nobody to do this job, he returned the cake in its box and placed it with an attitude on the table.

5- As most of people do these days, we wanted to take a group picture of us. We asked the waiter to help in that, he refused claiming that he was so busy. He took a picture of us after 30 minutes when we asked him again.

I urge the management to take the above points into consideration. Persistence and consistency of service is very crucial in food business.


such a lovely place.. very good food, setting and staff.. must try


My personal favorite in Amman.. lovely food.. friendly and attentive staff.. lovely sitting indoors and outdoors.. musty try


Went for drinks last night with friends for their Anniversary. The terrace is so lovely, the ambiance just perfect. We sat drinking with a few snacks, the cheese balls and the spinach dip yummy well worth having. The service was very good, Musa our Waiter had a really good sense of humour, poor guy with us he needed it, great time well done!!!!


Cantaloupe!!! Still my favorite place..

Excellent social atmosphere.

If you are planning a nice social outing with a large number of ppl Cantaloupe is the place.

We had a pre-wedding dinner at Cantaloupe for around 40 ppl at Cantaloupe. They gave us a whole area and part of the bar for our crowd.

Super friendly & attentive staff. Excellent service. Although we were a large number but the service was not affected.

They prepared for us a preset dinner menu to please all for a reasonable rate.

Everything on the menu was excellent and the portions were just perfect.


Dinner @ Cantaloupe!!

Very nice and comfortable atmosphere.
We reserved a big table (18ppl), so we were seated in the middle between the inside and outside area.

As friendly and attentive as usual.

-Spinach Dipper: As good as usual.
-Cheese Puffs: Tastier than usual. The size is even bigger. Very Good
-Sliders: Excellent…I don’t remember that the sliders were this good. We even asked for an extra order.
-Sautéed Mushroom & Beef: Very good. The beef is very tender.
-Buffalo Tenders: Very good. The chicken was really tender and not too spicy.
-Fish & Chips: I tried a few bites from my friends. Very good. The batter is a bit thick though. All is all, I loved it and would like to try it again without sharing.

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