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1st Circle & Rainbow St. - Amman
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Type Casual Restaurant
Cuisine Armenian
Features: Delivery Available
Timings: 11:00 am - 11:45 pm

Location in 1st Circle & Rainbow St.

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Ararat happens to be one of my favorite places in town, Yummy food, fair portions, and you get to try many dishes for affordable prices.
in addition to the friendly staff over there.


I have been to the Ararat Restaurant twice in the past month -- both times very pleased with the food -- a great choice of vegetarian small plates as well as the meat pies, sausages and other tasty stuff that Armenian cuisine is known for. You can compose a small or large meal, according to your appetite and the number of people in your party. Service is impeccable and friendly - presentation is creative and at a higher level than most casual restaurants -- cute little mini shish for threading the sujuk sausages and homey clay casseroles over warmers for the hot mazza or main items. Try their beetroot muttabal, lentils salad, the mante (mini open ravioli) with hot tomato and yogurt sauce poured over. Their meat pie on thinnest delicious crust with just the right little spicey touch. A casserole loaded with a kind of Armenian spiced kubbeh is a must try.
The price is very fair for the quality of food, service, presentation and fresh modern ambiance offered here. They don't add 10% service charge - you give what you feel is deserved (they do a great job, really). You can enjoy the parade of people passing by Rainbow Street if you sit near the big plate glass windows at the front or sit in the quiet back end of the dining room. Ararat is a spinoff of the more formal, successful, Levante restaurant behind Third Circle...really a great idea to make an outpost on Rainbow St. I will be going back and often....please stay as nice as you are now! (They offer valet parking....if you can't face the traffic on Rainbow St.)

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